Group CPR Classes

The American Cardiac Foundation has completed a host of CPR classes with major Corporate clients, to tell the truth every time we do a CPR class, chances are, the whole entire staff of that company will sometimes need CPR re-certification as well. Often times its just a matter of if the dates are pretty similar with the re-certification date of the staff that needs the re-certification.

Group CPR Training

In this case our philosophy is that we want to make it very easy for your company to get your staff certified the best way possible, you can start by filling out the contact form below and we will contact you and put you on the the schedule for the date you would like. You have priority over every thing going on and what ever time and date you like, we can accomidate your staff.

we accept check or credit cards and we will submit an invoice, the best part about it is that we will give you a price break based on the size of the class ( min 6 students to come out to a location)

American Cardiac Foundation