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Thank you for visiting the home of CPR and First Aid online, we are happy to deliver the best online training possible, below you can find a list of videos that you can watch from the comfort of your own home at your own pace to get the certification you need. We do offer CPR certification in class as well. (**by the way but for the 1st 3 hours everything pertaining to this class can actually be found in the online training.**) So it really is a matter of the best learning method that works for you

So after the online training is over please give us a call at 562-269-0775 to schedule your in class skills portion. This class is dealing with lives at stake and with so much information needed its kind of hard to deliver all of this information in a 3 hour period and have the students get the true understanding that they need, this is why we started

By the way make sure to take a look at the study guides and download the book. In order to pass the test at the end of this course you must pass with an 84% or better, and you can use the study guides and the CPR book as a guide.

CPR First Aid Videos

What, Why, When, and How to Do CPR ?

Hands on CPR Training Skills

“5 Fears of Rescue”

“The Human Body”

CPR AED First Aid / BLS Online Training Resources


Please click the links below to download handouts and and apps associated with your CPR certification.



Web MD App:


PDF Download: ( CPR First Aid Book )


CPR BLS Handout:


CPR Lecture Outline:


First Aid Lecture Outline:


CPR / First Aid Lecture Power Point:


Online Training:


YouTube Online Training Videos:


Dr. Sebi Food List for Reduced Risk of Cancer:


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