On Site CPR Training Gardena

The CPR and First Classes Gardena has completed a host of CPR classes with major corporate clients, to tell the truth we actually do an onsite CPR training class at least once a week.

Because of the frequency of the need of these cpr training classes, we have developed a whole team of highly trained instructors that are available at a moment’s notice to come to your facility and train your entire staff.

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Workplace Group Training Gardena

We've had classes of upwards of 50 people from time to time, so no matter what the class size we will be happy to come to you and get the class done in the allotted time that you have available to get your staff trained.

Sometimes you may need to get the class taught during a lunch break, or maybe even after work, another option is maybe you could close your business down just for one morning or afternoon and get the job done.

Whatever the case may be just give us a call at (562) 269-0775 and we will be happy to help we have out secretaries waiting by the phone and they will put you on the schedule and make it very easy.

Make sure to be ready with:

  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Class Time
  • Date
  • Contact person for the class
  • Credit Card to pre-pay for the class
  • Name of all the atteenees of the class

On Site Group Training Discounts Gardena

Typically for group classes we would like to have a minimum of 6 students, otherwise it would be a better idea for the students to come to one of our facilities, as we have a very spacious facility that could hold upward of 30 people at a time.

With that being said we will give a discount depending on the class size typically we start taking $5 off per person off the normal price for every person after the group size surpasses 15 students.

With that being said the group discount rates have to be paid in advance so that we could assure that you can guarantee that all the students I’ll be there or if they don't attend the class you could simply just have them come to our facility and finish off the course.

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Certification Period

2 Years

Course Length

3 - 3.5 Hours

Student / Instructor Ratio


Student / Equipment Ratio