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Thank you for visiting the online CPR in First Aid Training School online training videos. This course is to help you to retain the information in how to do CPR in an emergency situation. The main thing we want you to understand are four points. What is CPR? When do you do it? Why do you do it? And how do you do it?

Many classes that you may go to, they start off the whole certification process with the hands-on. But this does a disservice to the mental capacity that’s needed to step up in the moment of a panic. And this is why there are many first responders that don’t do CPR when the paramedics and the EMTs arrive.

It’s because of their lack of knowledge and confidence, because of the lack of competence that they do not have. So we recommend you watch these training videos, and we can get you an actual hard copy certification after attending an in-person skill session. But it’s the knowledge that you are entitled to that’s free, that could potentially save someone’s life one day. Thank you.

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