Understanding Carbohydrates or Sugar

Many times we don’t actually know that carbs are sugar, that’s right carbs are sugar. The sugar or glucose is a very important for the brain its actually the 3rd most important after oxygen and water. So its very much needed in the body but over consumption can lead to various problems such as Diabetes.  So we have got to get a proper understanding of Sugar or Carbohydrates.

I ask the question to allot of my classes when they look at the food pyramid , many of us were raised on, and most of the students point out the carb section at the bottom which is really the starch section. Well we are starting to realize that many things that we learned growing up either weren’t right in the first place or we did not have a proper understanding of it. Our whole classes is based on giving us the proper understanding. Watch this video and get a better understanding on what are carbs so we know how to properly use them to build our body.

an odorless, tasteless white substance occurring widely in plant tissue and obtained chiefly from cereals and potatoes. It is a polysaccharide which functions as a carbohydrate store and is an important constituent of the human diet.

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