CPR Classes Los Angeles

CPR And First Aid Los Angeles started out as a CPR class in the city of Inglewood California. We then after learning the business ventured out into online training during the Covid 19 pandemic. Now post pandemic, we are branching back out into the other areas of the the city that includes, West Los Angeles. Hollywood, and even Long Beach.

We understand the need for the various students to get the training they need, and where they desire the training. We have made a great deal of effort to serve all areas of the los Angeles area. This is why we have also started the mobile CPR training branch that will come to you wherever you need the CPR training. Because of this, we feel as though we have the most comprehensive CPR approach int he the Los Angeles area.

We have a few locations we  have a location in:

  • Hollywood
  • West Los Angeles
  • Inglewood
  • Long Beach


CPR Certification Classes Los Angeles

CPR and First Aid Classes Los Angeles has a unique strategy in teaching and teaching CPR that we want the entire county of Los Angeles to learn about. We want to spread this knowledge to every nook and cranny of Los Angeles this includes:

  • Elementary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Middle School teachers and students
  • Medical Facilities
  • Care Giving Agencies and Registries
  • Security Companies
  • Baby Sitters
  • Childcare Facilities
  • Even Families with newborn babies with heart conditions

Even if you already think you do know CPR, due to our extensive experience teaching doctors, nurses, and different medical practitioners that have taken CPR their whole lives and the fact that we do this everyday and they take this class once every 2 years . We have been very effective in teaching them in a way that they will never forget and be more prepared to respond in the event of an emergency

All of our CPR facilities are closely linked to major hospitals, including Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, Kaiser Sunset. We also have an association with Shriners Childrens Southern California. Since we  are so closely linked with these major world renounced medical facilities, we have learned allot and have a due diligence into offering the top of the line service as it pertains to CPR training in the Los Angeles area.