CPR Class Long Beach

There is a new business that is just opened up in the Long Beach area and it is called CPR Class Long Beach.

We have been offering CPR all across the Los Angeles area and with so much of our business coming from the Long Beach area we knew it would be a excellent idea to open up a Long Beach CPR class.cpr classes long beach

CPR class Long Beach has the most quality CPR training and education in the whole Long Beach area, we have been teaching for over 10 years every day getting better and better more efficient and learning more about this procedure.

We have hired the top professionals in the field such as paramedics, EMTs, doctors, and nurses so really much of the time you’re going to learn CPR from actual professionals in the field that do exactly what you do.

Long Beach CPR Class

CPR Class Long Beach is close to major hospitals such as Long Beach Memorial, Saint Mary’s Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital, Harbor UCLA Medical Center, Long Beach City College, and even Cal State Long Beach.

With so many great nursing programs, great health care facilities, caregivers, and security guard companies; Long Beach is a Vibrant Community that can use a business that will serve other employees of those businesses giving them the CPR certification they need so they can get back to work.

Right now we have an excellent price that come second to none and we will price match anyone’s price if you come in and bring an advertisement of a price that is lower and give you an even better quality education.

At the same time we understand taking this class year after year after year can be repetitive so we do have a quality online training component as well as a test out option that will allow you to not have to take the complete class but just come in and get your renewal and get back to work.

CPR Classes in Long Beach

Our certifications last for 2 years so it’s just a small price to pay to get a refresher as to what’s necessary when that time of need comes in the event that you have to provide CPR or first aid.

If you would like to learn how to perform CPR in case someone needs it or if you just need the certification for your job then please give us a call.


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