CDL DOT Physicals Long Beach

Greeting this is Christopher Garrett from CPR and First Aid Training School and we just entered into a partnership to provide DOT physicals at our location in Long Beach CA, we normally do our CPR classes on nights and weekends so we thought it would be a great idea to offer different services during the day to keep our office busy during the daytime hours.

In light of this pandemic many businesses are doing everything they possibly can to stay in business, the fact of the matter is consumers are just not spending,  as well as the fact that they’re just not making the money they normally would because we have millions of unemployed.

So with this being said desperate times call for desperate measures, we partnered up with multiple businesses out of the same unit.

CPR classes will be offered at night and weekends and DOT physicals and drug testing will be offered in the day. The hours will include Monday through Friday from 9-5pm

This gives us the opportunity to stay in business and not be a business that always disappears every time he comes for you to renew your medical and renew your CPR certification. It also helps us with the overhead so that we could afford to keep our prices affordable.

Also, we’re right next to the world-famous Port of Long Beach and San Pedro we’re just off the 710 freeway on Willow Street 700 W. Willow St., Long Beach, CA 90806 is our address to be exact.

We have parking and it’s free, we have excellent prices and excellent staff that conduct DOT physicals. So the many truck drivers that work the port area will now have a place to come that’s closer to where they work.

As a matter of fact DOT physicals Los Angeles is the company that we have partnered with to do the physicals in our Long Beach Office, so this is not some new startup company, this is a seasoned veteran company that has been doing this for well over 5 years that has moved closer to where all the truck drivers are and commercial drivers are

Also we are 5 minutes away from the DMV in Long Beach so as soon as you get your medical you can go right to the DMV and drop off your paperwork.

Right now in this tough time in the pandemic due to COVID-19 the commercial DMV on Avalon in Gardena is actually closed so this is the best one that you can go to, the line isn’t as long others.