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We are always looking for people who are eager to spread the knowledge about this live saving technique. This is such a beautiful and positive career field, the life as a CPR instructor.If you want to get your instructor license all you have to do is sign up for the next available CPR class which we hold once a month on the third Saturday of the month at 1pm.

Course Content:

  •  2018 ACF Guidelines for CPR, Emergency Cardiovascular Care, and First Aid
  • Medical, Environmental, and Injury Emergencies
  • Adult, Children, and Infant CPR
  • Adult and Children AED
  • Barrier device use during CPR
  • First Aid Basics
  • Choking relief techniques for Adult, Children, and Infants
American Cardiac Foundation

Course: Heart Saver First Aid CPR AED


(Other days are available for personalized scheduling. Please call for more details)

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9:00am

Rate: $50.00 Per Person

Method of Payment: Cash or money order. Credit or Debit card accepted with $5.00 processing fee.

*** Personalized one on one and group training available. Please inquire for rates! ***

Our CPR/First Aid Classes come second to none!  Why? The vast years of experience we have in teaching this class, our dynamic, interesting and informative approach makes the material relevant to all of our students.

CPR/First Aid Classes Los Angeles

Our CPR instructor course is based on the combination of great education through research and years of experience. We've become more efficient with teaching the proper information in a timely manner.

With our online training we have the ability to touch on subjects that can have the student to really understand the subject matter and they can then follow up that information with more research themselves to get more detailed material based on what they wish to learn of as it pertains to their specific career field.

The fact that there are so many career fields needing CPR certification the information could be immensely different based on the job of the student or even the location of the job, for instance a CNA (certified nursing assistant) giving respite care to an elderly person could be vastly different from the CNA working at Cedar Sanai Hospital Emergency Room. At the end of the day it’s the same job title but the knowledge necessary for that location is vastly different.

Both of these career fields are expected and required to know what to do and the CPR class will give a general subject matter for every one including the personal trainer of basketball coach and because we have to give a quality education but in a timely manner this could present some challenges.

This is the basis of understanding that goes into being a Instructor with the ACF you see we cater the curriculum to the students we serve, and this is why it takes such a vast knowledge base to become a CPR instructor with the American Cardiac Foundation.

CPR/First Aid Instructor Course

With our class we like to mix it up, we use a visual power point presentation that actually gives visuals so that the students can see what the actual process looks like when a person does compressions on the heart, and then gives breaths into the lungs, we like to see the reactions from the students when they get a good understanding of what is actually going on. We also use a dry erase board to break down the meaning of CPR and First Aid and AED we also give excellent feedback when we do the actual skills with adult, child and infant CPR

It is very important to us that our client base understands how to treat first aid medical emergencies.

We truly love teaching this class.  It brings us pure joy to hear when one of our students come back to us and tell us how they used the life saving techniques that they learned here at CPR/First Aid Classes Los Angeles to save a fellow co-worker, a friend or even a family member.

CPR and First Aid Classes in L.A.

CPR And First Aid Online is a leader in first aid classes in the Los Angeles area. We have the absolute best class because our background comes from the medical industry. Truly understanding the human body and how it works is the key to delivering high quality first aid classes. For instance, we discuss heart ailments and their causes. In addition, we discuss one of the main problems facing many people in the community: an unhealthy diet.  Although first aid is very important, we also focus on preventive care to address the causes of high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

Strokes need to be taken serious. Many people have no idea what they are. After completing our First Aid class, you will be equipped to perform CPR  in your work environment, for your family and in your community. The person may not  respond to CPR.  If so,  AED (defibrillator) training  could come in hand.

At CPR And First Aid Online we give you the knowledge you need to make sure no ailments of the heart happen to yourself, and that's most important to us.

    *** Personalized one on one and group training available. Please inquire for rates ! ***

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