About the American Cardiac Foundation

The American Cardiac Foundation is a root understanding in healthy living, many times people try to resolve the problem after its in essence already too late and too much of a problem. This is due to the mind set and understanding that many people are raised with, where the parent didn't have a foundation in true health, also due to the majority of choices in the community diet wise, it kills the people literally.

The American Cardiac Foundation has recognized the fact that there is a lack of healthy choices, as well as a lack of a helthy mindset. and even a lack of guidance and oversight in those who are growing the food.

We started as a CPR class, but after teaching CPR for so long we started to dig deeper and deeper into the root problem causing all these cardiac arrests, heart attacks and ailments of the heart. And the bottom line is that the people don't know whats killing them. Not only that it seems as though they formulate an addiction to the poor living that they cannot seem to break.

Lets Really Save Some Lives

Not to mention actual addiction to drugs and alcohol that are actul poisons to the body. So while we will give you the certification that you require, we will simoltaneously teach you on a basic level in health education and nutrition, and just like if you were to become an healthcare provider, we will have more advanced certifications that you can take that will help you with and advanced level to treat illnes in yourself and others.

Many times, due to the fact of poor living and consuming the wrong foods, people formulate problems, and when they go to the doctor they get put on medications that have no end in sight unless the person were to change their lifestyle. Well we can help, we have classes that can help you to cope with the mental side of this addiction as well as dealing with the knoledge that is needed to make better healthy Choices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure that everyone at least knows the basics of What, When, Why, and How to do CPR. This is due to that fact that Heart disease, being the number 1 cause of death in the world and so many lives that can be saved as a result. The #1 Reason why you'll have to do CPR is also the number one reason why people have an early demise.

About Us

We are a mixture of former doctors, paramedics, EMT's teachers and even CPR instructors from American Heart Association and Red Cross that really wanted to start our own foundation that gave back to the people this life giving technique that we all should really get while going to grade school.

We also realized that we needed a network of instructors that just taught CPR a little bit differently so that the students actually retained the information and alo could teach people how to prevent the problem in the first place.

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